A global eCommerce platform that unites the world in green living

ePuls8 Story

ePuls8 is the product of love for our world, hope for the future, and a desire to improve our current quality of life.

I grew up witnessing the state of our world deteriorating. Animals facing extinction. Forests going bald. Garbage accumulating into mountains of non-biodegradable waste. All things which have sadly become a norm, accepted by too many people.

Rather than following the norm, I created ePuls8, a platform for eco-conscious individuals and eco-friendly brands across the globe to share their passion for saving the planet.

ePuls8 is more than an eCommerce platform. It represents a united community. It grants people avenues to educate themselves on the importance and urgency of sustainability. It reminds us of our responsibility to improve the quality of life in our world. Most importantly, it reminds us that there is hope.

Created by nature for nature, ePuls8 can become our olive branch to Mother Nature. Together, we can extend our hands to that which is our home, asking it for a second chance to cure the world through sustainability, education and community.

Rafic Korban, Founder & CEO



Dear Shoppers

All the goods you find here are life-changing in many ways

We aim to promote sustainable products that do not pollute our planet or destroy the ecosystem. We strive to reach a cradle to cradle business model where we challenge our brands to:

 Create zero emissions in production
 Create zero waste when no longer needed
 Contain zero harmful chemicals
 Are fully biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and sustainable


Top-quality, eco-friendly, and products of honest work.

Enjoy a more sustainable, environmentally responsible and healthier lifestyle with our wide selection of eco-friendly products.
Contribute to the conservation of the environment with every purchase, and fuel organisations dedicated to sustainable living through our profit-sharing scheme.
In the grand scheme of things, you are playing your part in securing a better future for generations to come.

Dear brands & Designers.

Further in your mission of delivering sustainable products to the world through us.


With us, you’ll be able to effect change on a larger scale.

Introduce your products to a broader audience, reaching markets in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
Let the world know your story, mission and purpose. Reach people who share your vision.
Expand your business with eco-friendly logistics and end-to-end support from our sister companies, SGI and SPARX.

Problem: In today's world we are facing many global problems. The world is undergoing a shift in nature, for the worse, due to global warming and climate change.

Solution: Epuls8 has been created for the sole purpose of uniting the world. We do this by exposing extraordinary individuals who dedicate their lives to preserving the world's beauty and the existence of life on earth through environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Our Vision

Preserve the world's beauty through the eyes of extraordinary individuals. We will promote and share their designs and products inspired from ecologically friendly and natural materials through our platforms. Our goal is to educate consumers of the possibility of improving the quality of life on Earth through the use of these products.


Forged by nature, with a purpose.

Our Mission
  • Connect the world's future consumers to products that promote a greener future
  • To discover the stories behind the brands
  • Give back to communities and restore endangered ecosystems
Cultural Value
  • Real – we present the authentic work of the products advertised throughout our platforms to the end consumers
  • Reliable – natural, healthy, echo friendly
  • Sustainable – Cleaning up our future and contributing to bettering the world through using natural and greener materials
  • Community – we dedicate our services to uniting the world by enlightening and educating consumers about products that benefit our ecosystem
  • Storytelling – we discover every story behind every brand/product and we share it with the world
  • Visionary – we appreciate products in a different/ professional/ imaginative way by giving them a platform and a voice

Style/Personality (this will be the ongoing theme and voice of the platform)

Natural, pure, simplistic designs that shows appreciation and humbleness for nature and life. I want to add humour in a professional manner.


E - Puls - 8

E-ecommerce platform. The “e” also stands for ecosystem.

Puls- is for the heart beat of the Earth, which shows that there is still life and there is still hope.

8- is for many things. Pulsate (puls8). If you turned the 8 on its side it will look like the infinity symbol, which represents the prolongevity of planet Earth.

The Team

We are a passionate and multicultural team. We appreciate good designs and are curious about the origin and quality of the products and the effect that they have on the ecosystem. We will only work with companies that strive to reach a zero waste status.


SGI is a preferred merchandising company for high-end luxury brands and retailers. It curates its product selection to boost its clients’ sales andenhance consumer loyalty. Its business is widespread in luxury, cosmetics, fashion, hospitality, F&B and retail.


SPARX provides tailored solutions for retailers to meet business objectives and cut costs.


  • It offers just the right mix of technology, creativity, and logistics know-how to bring your global supply chain to the next level.
  • It can provide end-to-end support from international sourcing to domestic distribution
  • It has saved its clients over USD 13,000,000
  • It loves challenges and prefers long-term symbiotic partnerships where it’s a win-win for everyone
  • Whatever you need, it finds ways to give.